Our Services

Mechanical - Fully Certified Technician  

Skky Industrial provides a wide range of Services such as: 

* Authorized Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station 

* A/C and all A/C Repairs  

* Hydraulic and all Hydraulic Repairs 

* All other Mechanical Repairs 

Shop Rate $110.00 / Hr

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Includes:  

* All Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers 

* Commercial Bus

* School Bus

* Motor Coach 

* Light Trucks 

Skky will conduct the inspection, provide you with an estimate of the repairs before hand, make the repairs if necessary and complete all paperwork including the certificate and sticker for your unit that shows the inspection date.    

All Vehicle are Required to meet DOT Regulations.  

Certified Tank Testing Inspection Facility for CSA B620 Registered by Transport Canada

  • External/Visual
  • Leak Test
  • Hose Testing
  • Hydrostatic Tank Testing
  • Internal Inspection
  • Thickness Testing
Certified for Inspections, Testing, Repairs, Maintenance and Identification of Highway Tanks for Transportation of Dangerous Goods In accordance with CSA B620.


Certified B - Pressure Welder  

Welding & Fabrication  

Skky Industrial provides a Wide range of Welding and Fabrication to the Oil & Gas sectors, agricultural industries, Municipalities and the community as a whole. 

Skky specializes in welding and any repairs that require welding.  We also custom fabrications in a variety of materials. Including steel fabrication.  Specialize in the Fabrication of installing Hydraulic Wet Kit and T & E pumps onto Trucks.

Shop Rate $95.00 / Hr